Enterprise Software Development

Efficiency, interoperability, collaboration, efficiency. Scalable software designed for large organization's unique needs. Crafted to automate and streamline processes, increase security, safety and, yes, efficiency. Driven by the data to push your business beyond limits, to reach a whole new scale.  

We are at the forefront of digital transformation for the last 20+ years. Businesses equipped with the right software accelerate and achieve faster, more ambitious objectives. The word "right" is crucial. Your business is unique, provides unique value to your customers and requires unique ways of doing things. Hence your software should fit perfectly to what you do and how you do it.

Enterprise software development allows companies to create reliable, scalable and tailored solutions to fit perfectly a large enterprise's sophisticated needs. When built and implemented by experts, enterprise software automates processes, boosts operational efficiency, transforms your ways of doing business, and enhances your organization's agility.

Hire the best ANIXE team of seasoned experts to build your enterprise solution that boosts efficiency and promotes profitability. Capitalize on opportunities with cutting-edge technologies that support business and empowers your teams.

ANIXE’s enterprise software development services:

To fully exploit the potential of innovative technologies, companies work with companies such as ANIXE, which specialized in enterprise software development. We have helped many large organizations to streamline and digitize their business processes so we can easily support your organization in doing so, too:

  • Digital transformation services - We share our knowledge and experience in using digital technologies to build new or modify existing business processes and meet the rapidly changing demands of your industry. Let the results developed through digitization become your advantage.
  • Modernization of legacy applications - Outdated software poses a severe security risk and is often costly to maintain. It also generates actual losses due to increasing incompatibility. Our team will help you conduct a detailed technical and functional analysis of your system and then improve it or replace it using the latest tools and technologies, making your business more agile and prepared to compete in the marketplace.
  • Bespoke Software Development – Enjoy custom-made software solutions tailored to your unique needs that support your organization with scalable software and streamlines every part of your business. Benefit from our industry expertise in building, maintaining and scaling enterprise software solutions.
  • Software Integration Services - Enhance your software infrastructure with a lightweight enterprise service bus, well-designed data stream processing services, reliable APIs and data integration solutions. Enrich your business strategy with our comprehensive enterprise application development competences. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our solutions and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Data Management Services - Keep up with the latest data management trends with our tools that provide predictive analytics and intelligent automation. Our in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies such as data science, big data, blockchain and advanced analytics will help you make the most of your data.
  • Enterprise mobility - Our team is experienced in providing organizations with solutions that allow them to effectively manage mobile applications, resources and devices with different screen resolutions. Our software will help you optimize your processes on the go and ensure that your mobile applications support many users in an enterprise environment.

Cooperation process

How are we developing an enterprise solution?
  • Gathering Requirements
    • Understand business objectives and goals
    • Gather requirements
  • Consultations & Workshops
    • Face-to-face or online meetings with experts
    • Defining architecture
    • Defining technological stack
    • Gathering preferences and practical expectations
  • Design & Prototyping
    • Mockup-based prototyping phase - budget stay protection
    • Identifying potential shortcomings and resolving issues
    • Determining weakness
    • Preparation of the UI design
    • Testing and improving prototypes
  • Professional Development
    • System building incl. chosen programming language, techniques and methodology
    • Following the Agile software dev.: SCRUM (short 10-14d. iterats)
    • Providing demos - testing functionality, gaining feedback
    • Ongoing change report
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
    • Detailed quality assessment of software quality
    • Fix the defects
    • Entering the pre-release phase
    • Checking for the deployment issues
  • Maintenance & Support
    • Service level agreement compliance
    • Ensuring that needs continue to be met and that the system continues to perform as per the specification

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced productivity

    - By implementing enterprise software, companies see an increase in their employees' productivity and satisfaction. Automation features such as real-time or data visualizations or linking different business areas are just two examples of the many potential features, we can develop for you. By implementing software-based automation of processes without the need for human involvement, employees can focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Data Insights

    - Many enterprise solutions include out-of-the-box reports and data visualizations that help companies perform functional analysis and gain insights from your internal data. You can now equip your employees with charts, graphs and documents that include information about your company's most important KPIs. Enterprise software also helps you identify bottlenecks in workflows and track data related to essential business processes.
  • Compatibility

    - your outdated systems will finally be able to communicate with the world without your employees' troublesome manual work. We design and implement modern systems or develop connectors to open them to automatic communication with your other industry systems.
  • Increase revenue

    - enterprise software solutions help companies take their operations to the next level and increase their income. e.g. business analytics tools help companies identify areas for improvement, set competitive prices, get processes up and running faster, and ultimately generate more revenue.
  • No more errors

    - Errors and mistakes due to manual data entry reduce employee productivity and require them to spend a lot of valuable time cleaning the system. Enterprise solutions eliminate this risk by automating data capture and flow. Therefore, the chances of duplicate entries or typos becoming part of your system are significantly reduced.
  • The one-stop-shop for what you may need

    - own close-knit teams of software engineers, UX designers, dev-ops, administrators and experienced project managers, working with international clients with the best tools and technologies.
  • Help with the entire software cycle

    – from ideation through scoping and delivery to maintenance, quality management, software and hardware operations to... expanding to new ideas within the same or new software.

What distinguishes us?

  • We know what "business-critical" is - our apps handle thousands of transactions per minute with an availability of 99.9...% andgenerate billions of euros in turnover for our customers every year.
  • Specialisation in developing flexible applications that grow your business - at any time, you can rebuild and extend previously created start-up applications by scaling them to the required performance.
  • High-quality technological background - we have thousands of developed quality processes, ready-made modules, libraries and technical solutions that will allow us to provide you with a polished application quickly.
  • Stable and future-oriented technologies - we think long-term, we use stable and developing languages, which will make your application ageless (e.g. .NET, Java)
  • Modern front-ends - designed to be user-friendly, intuitive and on request consistent with the interfaces of your other tools or with the style of your company
  • Robust back-ends - mechanisms that are stable, scalable for a large number of queries and large-scale data processing
  • The unique experience of integrating the systems of challenging industries (f.e. travel suppliers, payment systems etc.) – imagine 50+ different systems engaged in one sales process – each with its own interfaces – and everything delivered sub-second to the customer's browser.
  • Complete and detailed documentation - to let our work be fully transparent for you, other programmers, system administrators and software users.
  • Stable company for 20+ years of IT projects for travel and non-travel companies - competence to integrate multiple providers and standardize data in one

Selected Projects

Our customers are achieving great business results using the products we have had the pleasure of creating for them. Become one of them. Feel the difference.
  • Core Enterprise System - Drive.de

    The development project of a core enterprise system for a car rental company. Drive.de offers car rental services for different classes within a worldwide, comprehensive and transparent car rental price comparison tool!

    Project scope: Dynamic and Static Sourcing, Fleet Management, Offer Management, Price Management, Booking Management, Service Delivery Management, Accounting Integration (SAP), Distribution API and Internet Booking Engine.


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  • Hotel Extranet (for various companies)

    The development of a core sourcing tool for DMCs, Tour Operators and OTAs.

    Hotel Extranet is a direct contracting application that allows our clients to shift the workload over to their hotel partners. Hotels are able to manage their rates and availability as well as mid season yield, allotments, stop sales, release changes, restrictions, supplements, discounts and much more.

    Booking management allows each hotel partner to keep track of their bookings, and confirm on request bookings for our clients.

    By using Resfinity Hotel Extranet our clients can drive sourcing and yield costs to their hotel partners, and free up their employees' time for more important tasks. Resfinity Hotel Extranet can be also used to monitor channel manager rates and availability, as well as apply discounts and offers to channel manager contracts.

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ANIXE is a tech company focused on delivering technologically advanced software solutions. We were born on the verge of technology and travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the tourism industry and beyond - we grow digital travel. Taking a step further, we pre-empt, envision, & develop solutions that shape all our customers' future in many industries - we grow digital commerce.

Do you have an idea for groundbreaking technical software? Maybe you want to create a unique enterprise system that will take all your processes together to a new automation level? Your existing tech provider isn’t keeping up with the trends? Or maybe your programming department simply needs support? In any of these or similar cases, we will be delighted to help you.

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