We deliver customized developments that include tailored booking engines and workflow, loyalty and redemption programs, GDS & low cost supplier integration, insurance and ancillary services. Our portfolio includes a variety of mobile and web based applications that cover direct sales, online booking and operations.
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Tour Operators

Our standardized product portfolio is heavily geared towards tour operators. Our agency portal, data caching system, format conversion, rate and availability offline exports, accelerated search responses, yield optimization service, price buffering sevice, automated mapping and vast third party hotel content all deliver to the needs of tour operators of various sizes.
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Online Travel Agencies

Not only do we efficiently deliver accurate third party hotel content, de-duplicated static data included, we also help manage infrastructure load to improve performance, response times and conversion to bookings. With a highly scalable processing unit (PU) setup we will maintain sub-second response times handling hundreds of thousands of requests per minute (RPM).
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Travel Agents

We offer quick access to an efficiently operating technology platform with a growing range of hand-picked hotel suppliers. Resfinity Agency Portal – provides travel agencies with a simple, easy-to-use and stable sales platform that delivers best available hotel offers from a wide supplier portfolio.
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Bedbanks, Consolidators, DMCs, Wholesalers

Gain supply access to the World's Most Lucrative Markets and customers. ANIXE is not just an offering for travel agents and tour operators, it is also a technology support partner for hotel listing providers. How can we help you?
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Other industries

We develop fast and efficient backends, beautiful web apps and mobile apps that cater to the future. We have complete creative and engineering teams, supported by experienced international project managers who can professionally document, design and create from scratch even the most complex ideas. Yours ideas.
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Resfinity's specialized modules and products

Modern travel technology solutions for contemporary travel industry problems. Boost your leisure travel operations with cutting-edge technology provided by innovative industry-leading tools for airlines and tour operators.

Hotels Dynamic Sourcing

Be the first to deliver special hotel offers to your customer, be the first to sell out the most profitable destinations and be the first-choice distributor for all your partners in the future. ANIXE’s automated sourcing and distribution of your hotel content will reduce your time-to-market from weeks to hours.
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Automated Mapping

ANIXE’s Automated MAPPING solutions are here to ensure that your hotel inventory is sourced from multiple suppliers, deduplicated, mapped and correctly featured and then sold to your customers through your system. Resfinity is the only Mapping solution which maps on three levels: Hotel, Room and Meal.
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Cache Data

Resfinity’s hotel price and availability caching system delivers fresh cached data to your ftp servers, so you can serve responses to your customers’ searches in just a few milliseconds, every single time. At ANIXE we consistently deliver high availability and price accuracy, by allocating the necessary infrastructure setup for our clients.
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Yield Optimiser

Resfinity YO checks confirmed hotel bookings between the time of booking and the time of check-in, then compares in real time the same parameters across all connected suppliers, looking for a better deal. If better conditions are found the system will rebook and cancel the old booking, delivering pure profit to the ANIXE customer.
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ACLR8ed Fast Search

ACLR8 is a cache based API that allows suppliers to handle heavy web traffic requests from the world's biggest Online Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. Smart suppliers don't need to invest in expensive new infrastructure anymore; you just need to ACLR8.
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Load Management

ANIXE gives you the ability to fine-tune your web traffic load needs, so you no longer have to pay for something you’re not using. Using your data to predict traffic patterns we can estimate how much infrastructure you will need and when you’ll need it and therefore price accordingly to match your needs.
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Hotel Extranet

It's a platform connecting DMCs directly to hotels and channel managers. It is a multi-faceted approach that enables DMCs to sign direct static hotel contracts and maintain, edit, and update the dynamic hotel rates coming in through channel managers.
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What distinguishes us on the market?

  • Industry-best supplier integration

    – years-long relationship with all core players in the market
  • All source types available (plug & play)

    – channel managers, hotel chains, bed banks, DMCs, etc.
  • Automated hotel and room mapping

    – no need to spend time on mapping, no need to integrate external companies, GIATA ready, too
  • We are built for heavy search traffic and can scale up to metasearch levels without compromising performance
  • Support for managing suppliers and their performance

    – time-saving, preference management
  • 24/7 support for clients who connect to the Resfinity platform

    – no need to rent additional help
  • We are the world’s largest provider of cached hotel data

    – we stand out with our lightweight ARI format. But still compatible with others: EDF, OTDS, INFX
  • We are integrated with different platforms:

    Peakwork, Blank, Pyton, XRES, Koedia, Nezasa, Travel Compositor, etc. – You don't need to integrate our API to book our supplier hotel product.
  • We manage a highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure for you

    – you save costs
  • Enterprise Ready

    – we can create a secure, reliable, cost-effective dedicated instance just for you
  • Integrate once

    – you don’t need to know the specifics of each supplier so that you can focus on your core business
  • We come batteries included

    – we will help you with supplier relationship management.

ANIXE is a leading provider in the digital travel sector, serving a broad spectrum of customers through its Hotel and Airline divisions. The company provides a suite of comprehensive services that starts with accurate business analysis, and extends all the way through to a swift and concise implementation. Our post-sales customer support and proactive commercial and technical consultancy means ANIXE comes batteries included, which makes all the difference.

Resfinity Hotel specialises in third-party hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response solutions, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated deduplication & mapping and high data load and traffic management. Resfinity Air creates and maintains customised web interfaces and booking engines for the airline industry. The platform empowers global airlines by exhaustive customisation options and a high level of service uptime, both geared at growing revenues.

On the market for twenty years ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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