Custom Software Development

We develop fast and efficient backends, beautiful web apps and mobile apps that cater to the future. We have complete creative and engineering teams, supported by experienced international project managers who can professionally document, design and create from scratch even the most complex ideas. Yours ideas.  

Why ANIXE is the best partner for you

ANIXE is an innovative company with a spotless track record, which for years has been designing high-performance systems with high recognition in the tourism and transport sectors. Although it is not the only industry for which we create software and run international projects - tourism is one of the most demanding. If you appreciate designing safe, stable, high-performance systems that are able to handle thousands of requests per minute - we are the perfect partner. If you need a SaaS system that is fully customized to your requirements - you are where you need to be - we can deliver what you need. Our systems help our clients grow by over 40% year on year. Isn't that what you want?

ANIXE was born in the travel industry but has grown its footprint since then. We are a boutique software house created by technological enthusiasts who gathered the best specialists and project managers capable of quickly and efficiently completing your project.

We have developed a number of e-commerce applications that are successfully used by airlines and online travel agencies.

How can we cooperate?

There can be many variants of collaboration, and the base can be formed by the following three levels of partnership:

  • Bespoke Software Development – We offer access to complete professional teams, which include not only developers but also technical product owners, analysts, quality checkers, UX designers, copyrighters and other people whose competence will be helpful to efficiently design, create and implement a modern product based on cutting edge technologies and security standards. Supervision and cooperation with the client are carried out remotely with the use of appropriate tools and to the extent agreed at the beginning of collaboration.
  • Product Team Leasing - It is option of access to the potential of dynamic development teams to perform specific tasks that will flexibly fit into the client's pre-designed processes and specific functions coordinated by the customer. Apart from technical knowledge and experience, ANIXE will support the client in the processes of technical control, supervision and constant communication. In this way, we ensure transparency for the client and the highest operational and cost efficiency of the entrusted teams.
  • Single Competence Leasing – This is a unique offer of temporary renting of missing technical IT competence under the customer's full supervision. It is a great solution to strengthen your team in case of sudden, demanding tasks and unexpected absences. We will guarantee you efficient and experienced specialists who will represent us worthily.

You can entrust us with the creation of an entirely new solution, as well as the development, automation and improvement of the existing part of the system. We design and implement our solutions so that they are convenient for users and IT teams.

We carry out projects comprehensively - from analysis, design and consulting to a smooth transition in DevOps. We work with JIRA using the appropriate methodology (Scrum and in justified cases Kanban or Waterfall).

Cooperation process

ANIXE Bespoke Software Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Access to software specialists

    who will create the application you need from scratch. We are playing both parts, so we use external teams, and we also provide software development teams.
  • We use an iterative development approach (SCRUM based). We regularly assess the progress, provide or get feedback, and make you sure we are on track.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the application's life - by expanding and adapting it to the changing technologies and customer needs. We conduct constant monitoring and supervision over the operation of our systems.
  • Providing you with the optimal infrastructure you need to benefit from the software you have created.
  • Software service

    - we will expand and upgrade the software you use, transfer it to the environment you need.
  • Compatibility

    - your software will be compatible and easy to integrate with third-party supplier and customer systems
  • One contact

    - each client has his own ANIXE’s supervisor. He will answer all your questions and turn your needs into satisfactory solutions.

What distinguishes us?

  • we’re a stable company for 20+ years of IT projects for travel companies- competence to integrate multiple providers and standardize data in one
  • we know what "business critical" is - our systems generate billions of euros in turnover for our customers every year and handle millions of transactions per minute.
  • the unique experience of integrating the systems of extremely difficult travel suppliers and payment systems.
  • international dev teams working on our software /120+ engineers
  • fast, efficient backends and best technologies.
  • using the right tools for the job.

ANIXE is a tech company focused on delivering technologically advanced eCommerce solutions. We were born on the verge of technology and travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the tourism industry and beyond - we grow digital travel. Taking a step further, we pre-empt, envision, & develop solutions that shape all our customers' future in many industries - we grow digital commerce.

Do you have an idea for groundbreaking technical software? Maybe you want to create a mobile application?
Your existing tech provider isn’t keeping up with the trends? Or maybe your programming department simply needs support? In any of these or similar cases we will be delighted to help you.

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