ANIXE Employee, Ania, explains the value of training.
22 APR 2024

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ania, the driving force behind HotelExtranet (HX) at ANIXE. In a candid conversation, Ania unfolded her tech-industry journey, the essence of HX, and the roadmap that lies ahead for this great product.

Q: The core functionality of HotelExtranet (HX) sounds intriguing. Could you delve a bit deeper into what it brings to the table?

Ania: Absolutely. HX serves as a bridge, enabling our clients to fetch offers directly from a plethora of hotels via multiple channel managers, bypassing the traditional route of third-party intermediaries. This direct linkage translates into better sales and less overhead. What's more, hoteliers find our HX a godsend as it makes it easy to update prices daily, freeing hoteliers from the shackles of the seasonal pricing model. Our software's flexibility is a blessing – especially for city hotels, which can now adjust prices in real-time in response to events, occupancy rates, and other market variables.

Q: Every product has its share of hurdles. What were some technical challenges encountered during HX’s evolution?

Ania: Indeed, one of the major challenges was crafting a user interface that could encapsulate all possible rates, special offers, exclusive deals, and all other add-ons hotels and OTAs might allow. The road wasn’t straightforward, but our determination led to a platform that continuously evolves to meet the industry's needs.

Another difficulty lies with the fact that there is no ‘standard’ workflow for channel managers, so this demands a more nuanced approach to connectivity. Yet, once navigated, the integrations work seamlessly, enhancing the platform's overall efficacy.

Q: Technologically speaking, what sets HX apart from the crowd?

Ania: Our pride and joy is the ACLR8 calculation engine, which stands head and shoulders above others in terms of speed. This rapidity is crucial for efficiently sourcing offers, setting HX apart in a competitive market.

Q: How has the customer feedback been so far?

Ania: The feedback has been positive. Customers frequently comment on the user-friendly interface and the streamlined process HX offers. The few support tickets we receive speak volumes about the reliability of our product and the trust our users have in us – especially since we get over a million updates every day! It just works.

Q: As we look ahead, what does the future hold for HX?

Ania: Our roadmap is dotted with exciting milestones. We plan on expanding our offer by integrating even more channel managers. We also have some user-interface enhancements pending so that our users can smoothly perform even the most demanding business tasks. More reporting tools are also in the pipeline to provide deeper insights to our users. And while I can’t unveil specific upcoming features, I can confidently say that exciting things are awaiting release.

A big thank you to Ania for sharing her expertise about HotelExtranet (HX) with us. If you would like to know more about HX or want to integrate it into your system, please contact us at

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