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ANIXE’s Resfinity Agency Portal is a high-performance accommodation booking engine, based on the Resfinity Hotel API, built to provide travel agencies with access to a rich hotel offering, the ability to manage agencies, sales profiles and have ultimate control over effective sales & distribution management features. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly interface, it simplifies work processes for your employees. Resfinity enables the user to cooperate simultaneously with more customers under one roof, geared towards eliminating human errors and making the process more pleasant and effective.

How Resfinity works for you

Agency Portal provides access to over 100 hotel suppliers and 1,5 million hotels. We aggregate the accommodation providers of your choice under a single interface and make the offers easy to book. Using our proprietary mapping algorithm, our hotel database is automatically deduplicated and mapped on the hotel, room and meal-type levels. Eradicating duplicates allows for an efficient shopping experience and facilitates the work of your travel agents.

Travel Agency - Resfinity XML API Software diagram

Key Benefits

  • Access to an efficiently operating technology platform

    with a growing range of hand-picked hotel suppliers.
  • Resfinity Agency Portal

    – Simple, easy-to-use and stable sales platform that delivers the best available hotel offers from a comprehensive supplier portfolio.
  • We are hands-on with supplier relationship management

    and will help you overcome any commercial or technical hurdles with new supplier connectivity and current supplier migration.
  • Our hotel supplier portfolio expansion is ongoing

    , and so will yours. We apply a highly selective process for onboarding new suppliers. However, if you don’t see the suppliers you need in our portfolio, we can integrate them for you!
  • Resfinity Supplier Management lets you easily switch suppliers per country, city, and hotel

    . In addition, you have the tools to set supplier priority rules which will help you direct your bookings to where you make the most money.
  • A range of features to facilitate daily sales management process including:

    – creating sales profiles to macro/micromanage distribution (markups, business rules, suppliers, limits etc.). This allows you to customize your offers towards each agency and maintain separate, password-protected pricing, availability, and products for each one.
    credit limits to aid with risk management that comes with having business partners all around the world.
    – you can present an endpoint to your customers for direct booking.
  • Easy comparison of offers in different currencies.

    We enable currency conversion, allowing you to enter exchange rates manually, or integrate a live source of RoE such as the European Central Bank.
  • Yield Optimization solution opens up a new line of effort-free profit

    . Resfinity rechecks all your confirmed bookings and searches across connected suppliers for a better offer. Giving you a bigger margin on every sale.
  • We integrate seamlessly with your back office

    and accounting systems.
  • We are a proactive partner with a wealth of knowledge in technology and tourism

    . When you perform better, so do we, so we are active in advising on how to better manage your business processes, both technically and commercially, to achieve optimum profitability and growth.

What distinguishes us on the market?

  • Automated hotel deduplication, room & meal-type mapping (including Giata integration).
  • Direct contract management.
  • Yield Optimization.
  • Supplier Management.
  • One integration to rule them all.

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ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in third-party Hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated mapping and high data load and traffic management. On the market for twenty years, ANIXE's solid reputation and pioneering technology continue to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE's vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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