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22 SEP 2023

The Dream Tourist Profile: Exploring the Globe Through Travel Agencies

Strap on your hiking boots and grab your passport because we are diving headfirst into the world of travel agencies. These seasoned experts of the travel world play a key role in turning our travel-fuelled dreams into a passport-stamped reality. From the bustling boulevards of Beijing to the cosy corners of British tea rooms, each country has its own unique relationship with its travel agency experts.

So, join us as we go on a round-the-world trip to learn about the fascinating interplay between nations and the travel agencies that help them to explore the world.

All aboard? Good, let’s go to our first destination…

China: Guided Explorations and Group Travel

Our first stop whisks us away to China, a nation where ancient traditions intertwine with a rapidly modernising society. China has undergone an astonishing economic transformation, lifting hundreds of millions into the middle class, which has enabled unprecedented travel opportunities.

Chinese outbound trips reached a staggering 169.8 million in 2019. This immense number of outbound trips is a testament to the scale of Chinese wanderlust and places the country among the top contributors to global tourism.

The Chinese travel landscape is dominated by a preference for group travel. For Chinese travellers, group journeys are more than holidays; they are opportunities to forge connections and share in cultural discoveries. Travel agencies in China have tapped into this preference, functioning as curators of experience which cater to group dynamics.

United States: Diverse Destinations and Personal Preferences

Next, let us sail across the Pacific Ocean to the United States; with landscapes as diverse as its people, its domestic travel potential is unrivalled. However, the American appetite for global adventure has led to consistent demand for well-curated travel packages. This demand, however, is different than in China.

Here individualism rules.

As every American is unique, so too are their travel demands. Travel agencies have become adept at turning each traveller's preferences into a tailored adventure. From historical tours of Europe to food feasting in South America, 53 million U.S. travellers turned to travel experts in 2020.

United Kingdom: Tradition and Convenience

Time to skip across the pond to the United Kingdom, where rich history meets the modern. In the UK, the travel agency scene showcases a blend of tradition and contemporary convenience. British travellers often rely on traditional travel agencies to curate experiences, however, with the rise of online platforms, many UK travellers now embrace a hybrid approach.

UK travellers have become semi-professional travel agents by conducting thorough research into their preferred destinations online. They read opinions, check social media photos, compare locations, and seek inspiration. But in the end, they turn to travel agencies to fine-tune their plans.

In the UK, the personal touch and expert advice offered by travel agents are highly valued, and that’s a reason why Brits made a remarkable 93.1 million visits abroad in 2019.

Germany: Charter Tours and Budget-Friendly

Now, into the heart of Europe, Germany. In a nation known for its engineering prowess and economic sensibility, it is little surprise that its travel agencies reflect this in their operations.

German travellers often prioritise quality and authenticity, and travel agencies in the country play a vital role in delivering on these expectations. Agencies in Germany provide detailed face-to-face interactions to discuss preferences and personalised recommendations in person.

However, in Germany, there is a close relationship between travel agencies and a select few charter operators. So, whether a traveller books through a brick-and-mortar travel agency or through one of the many popular German Online Travel Agencies, the likelihood is that the deals remain identical.

The charter operators in Germany pre-bundle travel options to include everything from affordable airfare and all-inclusive accommodations to airport transfers via spacious buses. So, while these tours offer the illusion of individuality like American travellers, behind the scenes, they are more similar to Chinese group travel.

This emphasis on grouping travellers for budget-friendly travel arrangements is favoured by a majority of German travellers. Over the past decade, Germans travelling through an agency have held fast at around 65% of outbound travellers.

In a world where individual travel has never been easier, German travellers still opt for the lower costs and convenience of charter tours via a travel agency.

Global Connectivity Through Online Travel

Okay, let's zoom out and look at the world as a whole. In the modern day, the reach of travel agencies has transcended geographical boundaries via cyberspace. The rise of online travel platforms has opened all of us to new possibilities for exploration.

Websites like booking.com, Expedia, and Airbnb have become household names in much of the world. What they lack in expert local knowledge compared to traditional travel agencies, they make up for in convenience. The ease of access these services provide means that a last-minute booking can be made while standing in the hotel lobby.

As online travel becomes more popular, we see websites more toward traditional models of travel agencies. One such example is the addition of a similar level of insurance by registering for the same licensing as traditional agencies through the likes of ABTA and ATOL.

Will we see a group of global travel agencies in the future, ones that have the same level of intimate knowledge of destinations and national markets?


As we conclude our global exploration of the travel agency market, it becomes clear that each nation's unique characteristics, values, and preferences influence the way travellers interact with these expert curators of wanderlust.

From China's preference for group travel to the UK's blend of tradition and modern convenience and Germany's budget-friendly charter tours, travel agencies serve as bridges connecting travellers with their dream destinations in ways that resonate with their cultural identities.

In a world brimming with possibilities, these agencies continue to play an integral role in turning travel aspirations into cherished memories, even while facing competition from a newly emerging class of global travel agencies.


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