21 NOV 2023

Bellissimo Italia! 1way2Italy’s latest connections now available on Resfinity

If you thought your Italian adventure couldn't get any better, think again! 1way2Italy, renowned for connecting travellers to authentic Italian experiences, has expanded its portfolio with exciting new partners.

These additions promise to enhance your journey through Italy's art cities, charming islands, and the alluring region of Sicily. Let's dive into what these new partners bring to the table.

Anxur Tours: The Art Cities Aficionado With 35 years of experience, Anxur Tours, located in the Ulysse Riviera of southern Latium, has become the go-to expert within 1way2Italy for exploring Italy's famed art cities. Offering an extensive selection of accommodations in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Padua, Naples, and Palermo, Anxur Tours is your ultimate guide to Italy's cultural heart. They own and operate hotels and a bus company, ensuring top-notch services for tours, excursions, and transfers for both groups and individuals.

Norma Vacanze: Sicilian Wonders Await For 32 years, Norma Vacanze, based in Palermo and Taormina, has been creating unforgettable experiences in Sicily. As a key member of the incoming Italian connections, they specialise in hotels, tours, and transfers across this mesmerising island. With a wide array of hotels and original tours that include various modes of transportation, Norma Vacanze is your perfect partner for exploring Sicily's unique charm, catering to the needs of both individuals and groups.

Nitrodi Viaggi: Island Escapades Situated on the picturesque Ischia Island, crowned as "The World's Best" in 2022, Nitrodi Viaggi has been the go-to island connection for the past 30 years. They are the experts on Ischia and other gems like Capri, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, and the Aeolian Islands. Offering a plethora of hotel options and comprehensive packages, including transportation from across Italy, Nitrodi Viaggi specialises in personalised tours, excursions, and transfers that capture the essence of each island. Experience island magic with Nitrodi Viaggi.

Bhtm / Sardinia 360: Sardinian Splendor With over 53 years of experience, Bhtm / Sardinia 360 offers unparalleled experiences on the enchanting island of Sardinia. Their collaboration with the high-level hotels of Baja Hotels and their capabilities as an incoming tour operator, ensure a diverse selection of properties and services. They provide tours, transfers, and boat rentals, perfect for both individuals and groups looking to discover the unique beauty of Sardinia.

Your Customers’ Journey Just Got Better These esteemed partners join 1way2Italy's existing network, enriching your travel options and ensuring a seamless and unforgettable Italian experience. Whether you're exploring art cities, island paradises, or the Sicilian landscape, 1way2Italy and its partners are committed to making your journey extraordinary. Connect your booking engine directly with these new partners and let your customers embark on an Italian adventure that goes beyond the ordinary today.

Simply integrating Resfinity with your booking system grants you access to these amazing offerings, along with 1way2Italy's expansive network.

Don't miss the chance to provide your customers with these exceptional travel experiences.

1way2Italy continues to open doors to unique and captivating Italian adventures, and we're thrilled to include these new partners in our network” – Michele Rombaldoni, CEO of Datagest Srl / 1way2Italy

The addition of these partners to 1way2italy further solidifies its position as a leader in offering diverse and authentic Italian travel experiences our clients' customers absolutely love.” – Paweł Żmuda, Head of Partner Success Department, ANIXE

By connecting your booking engine with 1way2Italy, you're set to offer your customers an Italian experience like no other. With these remarkable new partnerships, you can confidently promise your customers a tapestry of experiences that are as rich and varied as Italy itself.

Let your customers discover Italy's beauty, history, and charm with 1way2Italy, which is available through Resfinity today.


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