Web & Mobile Development

Web and mobile are what shape your interaction with your customers and is an extension of your brand. We act uncompromisingly, guided primarily by the interests and needs of our client. Thanks to extensive experience in eCommerce projects, our solutions are intuitive, functional, safe, and above all, are tailored to your and your customers’ needs.  

Grow your business with our smart and robust
web n' mobile solutions

We bring your ideas into outstanding digital products. Two principles drive us: "mobile-first" by creating solutions that have the advantage of speed, simplicity and a good fit between platforms and browsers. We use "the best technology for each type of solution". That is how we help you grow and achieve your business goals.

Do you want to create a web or mobile application but don't know how to approach it? We will help you. We have all our resources and competences in one place, and we specialise in end-to-end solutions. Our experts provide full support at every stage of the process. Ongoing reporting and variability of cooperation are a guarantee that our products will fully match your vision.

ANIXE web and mobile app development services:

Comprehensive service, seamless cooperation is the key to smart applications and maximum value. We have a well-selected and perfectly co-operating specialist to make your service process complete. At the same time, you can work with us selectively in specific areas:
  • Frontend development - enjoy well designed, visually attractive and highly functional interfaces. Thanks to them, your applications will sell better, and your websites will perfectly fit all devices being the best representation of your business. Our teams of experienced Angular, Vue.js,and React developers use their skills every day to create web applications for our partners.
  • Backend development – we are first-class experts in creating stable and efficient applications due to perfectly laid out processes on the so-called server-side. With our experience working for the most demanding industries, you can be sure that your application is secure, robust and scalable. We design and deliver solid backend solutions for small businesses and corporations - from an MVP to a scalable, mature architecture ready to support tens of thousands of users.
  • iOS / Android development – do you want to create a mobile app specifically for iOS? Or maybe you have an idea for a custom solution for Android which will help your business expand? No matter where you're from or what platform you've chosen - we'll provide you with a refined mobile product built with user experience, highest performance and scalability in mind.
  • Cross-platform apps – You can also choose universal solutions, which we also design. Their advantage is that they work well on each platform, and due to one code base, the cost of their development is cheaper. We have vast experience in hybrid technologies developed in React Native, which perform well in everyday use generating sales of our clients' products.

Key Benefits

  • One-stop mobile and web partner

    – don't waste your time and nerves coordinating parallel projects. With us, you get a single contact manager who will guide you through the whole process and take care of the proper communication flow. With ANIXE, your applications will be graphically and technically coherent, fully matching your business needs.
  • Fast development

    – do you have significant needs and want to show your products quickly? With one source code, your web and mobile applications will be developed faster and will be easier to manage.
  • One integrated content platform

    – You gain a secure, flexible headless CMS for content entry, permissions and data expansion. You get independence and the ability to make changes yourself in real-time. What's more, your content will be separated from the presentation layer so that, if necessary, you can quickly and automatically publish it in various sub-pages and media channels.
  • Support at every stage of the product life cycle

    - you can rely on our support in maintenance, service and architectural development of the created solutions. Thus, your applications will always be safe and at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Transparent, iterative development process

    - we follow the Agile methodology – SCRUM (daily meeting, refinement, demo, retrospective). It allows for faster delivery of working software, better product quality, more rapid ROI, better control, significantly reduced risk, and improved customer satisfaction.

What distinguishes us?

  • Stable company for 20+ years of IT projects for travel companies - competence to integrate multiple providers and standardize data in one
  • High-quality technological background - we have thousands of developed quality eCommerce processes, ready-made modules, libraries and technical solutions that will allow us to provide you with a polished application in unrivalled time.
  • Digital apps that grow with your business - at any time, you can rebuild and extend previously created prototype applications by scaling them to the required performance
  • The unique experience of integrating the systems of extremely difficult travel suppliers and payment systems.
  • Fast, efficient backends and top-notch technologies.
  • Dev teams working on our software /120+ engineers

Selected Projects

Our customers are achieving great business results using the products we have had the pleasure of creating for them. Become one of them. Feel the difference.
  • FTI Touristik App

    The official FTI Touristik app for globetrotters guarantees an all-round relaxed holiday.

    The app bundles all the information about your FTI trip on your smartphone. Registering and adding your trip only takes two minutes, and you are always informed about your travel itinerary.


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  • Meeting Point International

    The official MPI sales microsite. Whether it is to escape, rest or wander, MPI Moments has got the ingredients that enrich your senses and pushes you further to explore more of this entrancing world with a certain degree of control.


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  • Gulf Air App

    The official app from the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain help you to: Book flights, check in to your flight, manage your booking, check your flight status, access your Falconflyer account and more.


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ANIXE is a tech company focused on delivering technologically advanced eCommerce solutions. We were born on the verge of technology and travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the tourism industry and beyond - we grow digital travel. Taking a step further, we pre-empt, envision, & develop solutions that shape all our customers' future in many industries - we grow digital commerce.

Do you have an idea for groundbreaking technical software? Maybe you want to create a mobile application?
Your existing tech provider isn’t keeping up with the trends? Or maybe your programming department simply needs support? In any of these or similar cases we will be delighted to help you.

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