UX/UI Consulting & Design

Experiences shape our lives. Make it best for your customers and employees. Engaging user interfaces catering for efficiency, reaching high conversion rates, and increased sales are our hallmarks. Our designs attract attention and encourage further interaction with the sites. Reduced expenses on engineering, redesign, and maintenance during the whole project’s lifecycle is just a side effect of involving ANIXE’s UX designer early.  

Creative & experience design services offering - why is it so important?

When User Experience (UX) improves the customer experience, it affects your ROI because good investment in UX increases customer satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal, trust a company's products and want to buy and come back for more, so satisfied customers are crucial to a company's success - and the reason it exists.

What we can do for you

  • UX Audits & Consulting – Discover & Analyse
    #Website & mobile app audit, problem identification, improvement recommendations.
    An audit allows you to understand your website's current state or mobile app's effectiveness and how it impacts your business objectives. What are the fundamental problems and challenges in the current situation, what solutions work in the most effective way and how to improve the performance of the website or mobile app. We combine interactive and analytical elements to offer you the best usability prescriptions e.g.: workshops, user research, tool analytics, customer journey maps, usability audits. On request, we create concepts for disabled-friendly websites and supervise their certification processes.

  • Wireframing / Prototyping – Prototype & Design
    #Low fidelity wireframes (lo-fi), high fidelity wireframes (hi-fi), interactive prototypes, mockups.
    UX Design is the creative process of creating wireframes based on requirements and strategy. Depending on the customer’s needs it could be low and high-fidelity wireframes, interactive prototypes and mockups. Prepared mockups are turned to the final graphic layouts at the next step.

  • UI Implementation & testing
    #Implementation of the approved mockups, verification of UX/UI refinement, Tests: usability, FGI, IDI, scenario etc.
    Involving the designer at an early stage ensures reduced engineering, redesign and maintenance expenses throughout the project lifecycle.UX testing allows us to verify how a conceptual solution performs in a real environment. How users feel about it and what might still cause problems. This makes it easier to eliminate potential difficulties and barriers early on in the design process.

  • Improvements
    #Measure, KPI's, gather user's feedback, improve layouts.
    The Audit intends to help the client's business grow. We achieve that by combining in-depth, qualitative UX/CX analysis and quantitative, data-rich web analytics, followed up by actionable recommendations, benchmarks and estimates of the KPI's improvement after implementing the proposed solutions.

Cooperation process

  • Discovery / UX Audits
    • Understand business objectives and goals
    • Gather requirements
  • Analyses / UX Audits
    • Conduct user research
    • Build information architecture
    • Develop interface structure
  • Prototyping
    • Develop wireframe-based prototypes
    • Test and enhance the prototypes
  • Designing
    • Design look and feel
    • Create pixel-perfect designs
  • Implementation & Testing
    • Implement the approved mockups
    • Verify that the product gets an elaborate UX
  • Improvement
    • Measure KPIs
    • Gather user’s feedback
    • Improve interfaces

Key Benefits

  • Significant improvement in revenue

    - thanks to product efficiency, usability and a user-friendly interface
  • Operational efficiency

    - due to minimised errors and time savings in performing activities
  • Reduced cost of ownership and support

    - less money spent on staff training and system development, maintenance and evolution
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty

    - achieved through improved accessibility and an intuitive, easy-to-use UI
  • Transparent, iterative development process

    - we follow the Agile methodology – SCRUM (daily meeting, refinement, demo, retrospective). It allows for faster delivery of working software, better product quality, more rapid ROI, better control, significantly reduced risk, and improved customer satisfaction.

What distinguishes us?

  • The one-stop-shop for what you may need - own close-knit teams of software engineers, experienced UX designers, dev-ops, administrators and experienced project managers, working with international clients with the best tools and technologies.
  • High-quality technological background - we have thousands of developed quality eCommerce processes, ready-made modules, libraries and technical solutions that will allow us to provide you with a polished application quickly.
  • We know what "business-critical" is - our products generate billions for our customers every year and handle thousands of transactions per minute with an availability of 99.9...%
  • Specialisation in developing flexible applications that grow your business - at any time, you can rebuild and extend previously created start-up applications by scaling them to the required performance.
  • Help with the entire software cycle – from ideation through scoping and delivery to maintenance, quality management, software and hardware operations to... expanding to new ideas within the same or new software.
  • Work the way you prefer – we can develop a product for you or be an extension of your team. We prefer agile but interface with waterfall well.
  • Stable company for 20+ years of IT projects - competence to integrate multiple providers and standardize data in one.

ANIXE is a tech company focused on delivering technologically advanced eCommerce solutions. We were born on the verge of technology and travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the tourism industry and beyond - we grow digital travel. Taking a step further, we pre-empt, envision, & develop solutions that shape all our customers' future in many industries - we grow digital commerce.

On the market for 20 years, ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect businesses through tech platforms, paving the road for sustained growth.

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