06 SEP 2023

Discover ANIXE: vibrant Culture, Limitless Opportunities with Stelios

Get ready to embark on a captivating exploration of ANIXE, a company that stands out as an exceptional place to work and grow. And who better to guide us through this journey than Stelios, the dynamic Technical Product Owner (TPO) at ANIXE? With his insider perspective, we'll take a deep dive into the vibrant culture and opportunities that set ANIXE apart from the rest.

Can you tell us about your duties as a Technical Product Owner at ANIXE?

As a Technical Product Owner (TPO) at ANIXE, I have a dynamic work environment that involves a lot of collaboration with various teams, including developers and designers. I have the opportunity to interact with people from different levels of the organization, and I really enjoy it. I can propose my solutions and ideas, and I feel that I have a real impact on the projects I work on. One of the things I appreciate most is that we have face-to-face communication where we can discuss our vision for the product. Despite working online, as most of my colleagues are located in different countries and cities, we make an effort to communicate face-to-face. This engagement and direct interaction motivate me, and I also see personal growth opportunities in this role.

How do you feel about your team at ANIXE?

My team at ANIXE is like family to me. We have a respectful and open relationship with each other, and we work together to solve problems. It's essential for me to start each day with a smile, and at ANIXE, I never have that Sunday night feeling of dreading going to work the next day. This aspect is crucial to me, and it holds more significance than just the monetary rewards. The positive team dynamics and relationships contribute to a supportive and enjoyable work environment.

What do you like most about working at ANIXE?

The culture at ANIXE is what I appreciate the most. The company values transparency, openness, respect, and commitment to the job. I also feel safe to make mistakes, as we learn from them, and I can always turn to my teammates for help without hesitation. Furthermore, ANIXE cares about the well-being of its employees, and this forward-thinking approach is admirable. After nearly two years with the company, I genuinely feel that the people I work with are like my family. I am proud to be a part of ANIXE.

Is ANIXE a good place for career development?

Absolutely! ANIXE is genuinely interested in innovation and new technology. We continuously improve our products and even revisit older ones to enhance them with the latest technologies. When I joined ANIXE, I was pleased to find a budget allocated for training, and there are many internal training programs and opportunities to learn new things. The HR department is also receptive to my ideas. The management at ANIXE wants their employees to develop and expand their skills. I have personally witnessed how people and their skills evolve, not just in myself but also in my colleagues. Working in such a dynamic and developmental environment is a wonderful feeling


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